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This year I was lucky enough to pass auditions and be able to perform at the yearly Cast Member Party held in the Disneyland Resort Paris backstage area.

This Disneyland Resort Paris employees-only event is a gathering of nearly 5000 Cast Members who come to have a great time eating, drinking and listening to some good music. In this case music was provided by us, meaning, me alongside 23 talented Cast Members who also passed the auditions, the whole thing over beats laid down by the Band from the “Nuit d’Ivresse Agency” who really killed it – honestly, they rocked like crazy.


A selection of 24 songs was interpreted by my fellow friends, including me on some tracks, plus one song that I had written for that special occasion. Needless to say that I’m grateful for being enabled to perform my original creation which was meticulously reproduced by the band. By the way you can still download the song and enter to win on out of 50 digital copies of the album when released, simply by signing up to my newsletter.



I have personally enjoyed this 25th Anniversary CM Party a lot thanks to the brilliant organization and of course the audience who was just on fire! To that occasion I was lucky enough to encounter a lot of great persons and a couple of little surprises along the way (more on that in a very near future).

Now that this event is behind us we have all shown a lot of growth through this event and I hope to be able to work with some of those people again.

For those who couldn’t be there to see the live performance, you can review my song below:


Thanks again for being part of this adventure!
See you soon,