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Missed my Interview on the radio at Generations 88.2?
Well guess what, so did I… I guess the communication got disrupted at one point and one thing leading to another, the Interview was aired and went almost unnoticed.

For those who listen to Generations 88.2 Radio on a daily basis and were lucky enough to hear the actual broadcasted show, I hope you enjoyed it!
And for everyone else – let’s just say we’re lucky that technology enables us to videotape everything we do!
The full podcast should be available soon. So until then, here is a peek at what  the performance sounded like!



Slick 64 - Generations Radio_LikeWhat from Slick 64 on Vimeo.

Slick 64 performing live at the "A La Demande Générade" Show on Générations 88.2 with host DJ Myst.