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As you might have heard, I often times collaborate with the french Venue File7 to offer music production workshops with children from age 8 through 12, lately with my dear friend Texvor.
This enables them to discover all the stages and processes needed to create, edit and finalize a song before it reaches their ears.

This was the first time File7 has organized a workshop with a group of adult participants.
I’ve had the pleasure to show this group of 6 curious music lovers¬†from different backgrounds how to remix a song from Daft Punk’s album “Homework”, from the idea to the mastered song. As usual everyone’s got to sit in front of the keyboard to imagine and play their own personalized parts, all blended together, mixed, mastered and duplicated to the CDs which are going to be handed out during the “Homework Hommage Event” held at File7 on the 17th of June 2017.

5 weeks have passed and I have personally enjoyed every minute spent with the group and I’m pretty sure they will never listen to music the same way!

I see you all on June 17th, entrance is free!